We were there and somewhere within walking distance, so was he. Barack Obama and his inner circle found out that they won the presidency on that very ground. Amidst the chanting and the tears I wondered how he handled it. I wondered if he broke down, or if he jumped, arms raised above his head in victory.

It almost knocked me over, that sentence he said: “Of course, sister. My freedom is linked to your freedom.”

I had to take a breath and ground myself before I responded, “And mine is linked to yours, friend.”

I was not alone. I was connected. It might give me a concussion, but it was the truth.

She didn’t have to ask me for help. She could have done it alone, but asking is its own bravery. We start to walk. I look to her and roll my eyes. She’s blushing, but her chin is held high when she rolls her eyes back.

Welcome to womanhood, my beloved. I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine.